Green-N-Cleen Services is an innovative and eco-friendly cleaning company based in New York. We believe in eco-friendly innovation and guarantee top qualified maids and cleaning services that cater to fit an individual's needs. Our mission is to contribute to environmental care by offering natural solution based products as well as cleaning services.

Our employees at Green-N-Cleen will satisfy the individuals needs during our business hours. Whether it be an after party clean up, home spring cleaning, or business needing a quick clean, Green-N-Cleen can accomplish all. At the end of each job, management will personally conduct a final observation to ensure top quality professional service.

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We pride ourselves in using the highest quality cleaning solutions for your home. Our products are thoroughly tested and will not compromise the quality of the surface you clean!

Products We Trust


Your privacy and safety is our highest priority. All our employees go through an extensive background check to ensure we hire only the best.

Safety Is Everything


WE GUARANTEE TOP QUALITY RESULTS Whether you need your apartment, house, business, or after party cleaned up; you can rely on us to get the job done!

Safety Is Everything


Business is personal and relationships are meant to built and maintain our integrity as a company. We strive to never let that idea go away and as our clients, you are part of the Green-N-Cleen family!

Safety Is Everything


Efficiency is key in the cleaning business. In order for us to be the most efficient, we work hard to fully understand the needs of our customers and industry.

Efficiency Is Key

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Simply Awesome"

"Great product! Left my stove nice and clean with no residue!"

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"Truly Satisfying!"

"I'm extremely satisfied with my
Green-N-Cleen cleaning products. I Decided to give it a try after dinner on my table and immediately I couldn’t help but to enjoy the amazing smell of citrus! I’m so happy that I now have not only an ECO FRIENDLY, but also an AFFORDABLE MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANER! THANK YOU SO MUCH”

FB @Neka_Janelle

"So Refreshing!"

"Green-N-Cleen products have a citrus refreshing scent, meanwhile other products have a strong scent that’s not pleasant. My bathroom was left spotless and looking brand new. I highly recommend this product!"

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Quality Work is performed by quality people with quality skillsets.

Unlike other companies where employees get an hourly rate and are permanent employees, we allow our employees to work as much or as little as they please. Employees are paid a percentage of the total job cost and on the same day.

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